Darkness & Light, Book 1: Evelyn's Journal

Evelyn is young, beautiful and rich. Finding a man to love should be easy. But being a vampire, and wanting to bite every man she gets close to, complicates matters.

So does being stalked by the vampire who made her what she is and who has specific ideas about how Evelyn should behave and whom she should love.

     ...overall a fast and addictive read...

     A captivating story with a feisty, kick-ass heroine.

      Blew me away!

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Darkness & Light, Book 2: Joe Vampire

Joe is trying to build a life with Evelyn, his immortal and bloodthirsty lover. Living with her seems safer, and saner, than his troubled, drug-addicted teenage years. But can Joe cope with the strongest addiction of all?

     There's a vulnerability to Gardner's writing that pulls one in.

      MJ Gardner weaves a gripping story.

      ...suspenseful, edgy, and moving...

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